General DescriptionThis course is designed to earn the student their Flight Instructor Certificate for Sport Pilot. Because the experience levels of our instructor candidates very so widely we customize our ground and flight training to the specific needs of the student.  The student is encouraged to use software based learning material to study for and pass the instructor written and the fundamentals of instruction tests.  The assigned instructor will spend ground time with the candidate to the extent the student and instructor determines that need. The lesson plans provided in this syllabus then focus entirely on the practical aspects of flight instruction.


  1. Lesson Plan 1 Teaching the Introductory Flight (Sport Pilot Lesson Plan #1)
  2. Lesson Plan 2 Teaching Ground Handling & Canopy Kiting (Sport Pilot Lesson Plans #2 and #3)
  3. Lesson Plan 3 Soloing Students (Sport Pilot Lesson Plans 4-7)
  4. Lesson Plan 4 Teaching the Maneuvers (Sport Pilot Lesson Plan 8)
  5. Lesson Plan 5 Teaching Cross Country (Sport Pilot Lesson Plan 10 & 11)
  6. Lesson Plan 6 Conducting the Mock Test or a Proficiency Test (Sport Pilot Lesson Plans 12 & 13)
  7. Lesson Plan 7 CFI Mock Practical Test