Part 103 Ultralight Training

If you fly a “true ultralight”, there is legally no medical, no training, and no currency requirement whatsoever! The part 103-ultralight is an aircraft that is a single seat, weighs less than 254 pounds, and has a gas tank not exceeding 5 gallons. There are a couple of other requirements relating to maximum speeds, but the one-seaters we use fall easily into that category with speeds. Our Flight Center instructors register graduates of their solo program as EAA Student Pilots. This isn’t mandatory, but it documents and recognizes the training that has been completed to fly even the part 103 ultralight. If you stick with the one seat powered parachute this is as far as your training ever needs to go.

Graduates of WPPA Accerated Ultralight Pilot Course

Ultralight Pilot Requirements

  • Qualifications-Must be 16 years old to solo and register as student with the EAA, ASC, or USUA
  •  Testing-Written pre-solo and oral test
  • Privileges-Solo with instructor endorsement
  • Duration-Life
  • Fee-Free to EAA members and non-members.

As of January 31, 2008 ALL pilots who want to fly a two-seat “Light Sport Aircraft” will now need to receive training from an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, and earn their FAA Sport Pilot Certificate.  Refer to details further down the page about the Sport Pilot Program.