N.W. Light Sport Aviation Accelerated Course

Mark Martin, N.W. Light Sport Aviation LLC and his training partner Paul Beam just finished an accelerated powered parachute course at their Arlington Washington flight center. Students, Jame Sykes and Jessar Nygard from Los Angeles spent 12 days with Mark and Paul to complete the 12 hour course and we successful this morning in passing their FAA Sport Pilot practical tests.

james and mark james and paul jessar and james and paul jessar and mark






The course can be described as a bit of a boot camp so is not for the “light at heart”. But it is a satisfying way for aspiring pilots to get into the air safely and relatively more quickly and with less expense than other forms of aviation.

Email us at westernppa@Comcast.net  if you are interested in receiving course information

3148 morning takeoff