Welcome to 2015

DougWelcome to Another Year with WSPA

 As we complete another great year of Light Sport and Ultralight Flying in the Western U.S. and look forward to the year ahead I want to update you on yet more changes ahead with our organization. As I reflect on the eleven years that we have been in existence I now realize that the sport and Western Sport Pilot Association has been in constant transition since 2004.

As we opened the organization in 2004 we were completing a very rapid transition of our affiliate club, and our affiliate instructors and examiners to the Experimental Aircraft Association. This was probably the absolute peak of the “ultralight” era. But just about the time we felt like we were stabilizing, the FAA adopted Sport Pilot Rules.

The sport pilot rules drove years of change for manufacturers, pilots and for WSPA and our entire instructor and examiner base. By 2010 our organization “peaked” with a network of a dozen FAA Certified Instructors, several Flight Examiners and other affiliates including Repairman.

The challenge from 2010 through 2014 has been to just hang on to our base of instructors and examiners. Many, like me, are aging into our sixties. And after instructing and examining for nearly fifteen years it is time for me to step back some and encourage a slightly younger, and perhaps more energetic generation to step forward.

While we have faced some attrition from our professional affiliate ranks over the past couple of years, the good news is that indeed, we have new folks stepping up to fill the gap. Mark Martin, owner of N.W. Light Sport Aviation, based out of Arlington Washington is taking on my role as the lead CFI and Examiner for the WSPA. Stephen Brandon, California Powered Parachutes out of Tracy California, also gained his examiner credentials this year and that will be a great benefit to our California based pilots.

This year’s catalogue introduces you to some of the new affiliates. I am thankful and quite encouraged that Light Sport and Ultralight aviation will continue to thrive in the Western U.S. So more change, but a great year ahead.

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