New Sport Pilots, Tracy California

We just returned from a quick trip to Tracy, California to connect with our affiliate Stephen Brandon and to conduct sport pilot practical tests for his most recent students.  Congratulations to Gary Robinson, Livermore California and Aaron Cassel, Death Valley California for successful completion of their sport pilot practical tests.

Gary Robinson, Livermore California, Sport Pilot October 6th, 2012

 Both Gary and Aaron performed flawlessly on their practical tests.  This speaks well for them of course, but is also indicative of how well they were trained by Stephen Brandon.  Gary will be an active pilot in the Bay area, but he and his wife travel towards the Salton Sea in the winter and will also be flying with a group there.  Aaron flies from one of the most unique places in the world, Death Valley.  He and his father fly from a small strip in Death Valley.  If you are ever in this area, be sure and try to connect with him and enjoy the unique flying there.

Aaron Cassell, Death Valley, California, Sport Pilot October 6th, 2012

 As an FAA examiner I can say that the students that graduate from Stephen’s course in Tracy are among the most proficient in airport operations and communications that I have seen anywhere.  Because they operate from a busy airport in a busy flight operations area this is mandatory and I am always impressed with how professional the powered parachute pilots here mesh with general aviation traffic.

 I always enjoy my annual trip to meet with Steve.  He and his wife Kathy are a wonderful couple and this year let me stay at their house in Fremont and served us an incredible dinner Friday night.  I thank them for their hospitality. Steve works hard on the logistics of testing and does a great job in preparing his students and then facilitating the scheduling and on site preparations necessary to make these trips successful.

Doug Maas, FAA Sport Pilot Examiner with Stephen Brandon, CFI, Tracy California October 2012

 Stephen Brandon operates California Powered Parachutes out of the Tracy, California Airport.  He is among only two active powered parachute instructors, that I am aware of, in the entire State of California.  Thus he is pretty much a “lone wolf” and can be credited with keeping the sport legal and alive in Central to Northern California.  We appreciate his affiliation with the Western Powered Parachute Association.  His partnership with us helps keep the sport active in the West.

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