Stephen Brandon on Sport Flying Radio

More on Letter of Deviation Authority.  Stephen Brandon our Tracy CFI affiliate talked with Roy on Powered Sport Flying Radio about the LODA process.  The LODA is essentially a process that allows instructors who were CFIs before January of 2010 and who were using an ELSA for training, to continue using that ELSA.  This is despite the January 2010 deadline that now generally requires all sport pilot instruction to be accomplished in a special light sport certified aircraft.  There are several “caveats” and Steve helps you to understand them in this interview.

Stephen Brandon, California Powered Parachute
Finally a flight instructor has a LODA (Letter of Deviation Authority) so that he can provide flight training in an Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) Powered Parachute. We talk with Stephen Brandon who flies and trains in Northern California about how he worked with the Oakland FSDO so that he could continue flying and training. California Powered Parachute (11/30/10)